Destiny: House of Wolves PvE Impressions

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Destiny HoW

I had been taking a bit of a break from Destiny but have jumped back in with the release of the second expansion, the House of Wolves.  My RL friend (32 Titan) and I (28 Warlock) have been two maning most of the new content and really enjoying it.

The Rift is a nice new social area that looks great and I can see myself heading there over the Tower.  The quests have been challenging with the enemies levels ranging between 26-30 but we have been taking our time working through the new environments.  The venture into the Vault of Glass in a quest was fun since I don’t see myself ever attempting the raid.  Some of the bounties I have been having problems taking down the last guy before the time limit runs out and he leaves.  I was doing the Dervis, Wolf Baroness bounty on Earth with 2 other players when the final boss got bored and left when we had him down to 20% health,  grrr.

Overall House of Wolves seems to be a nice little addition to the Destiny universe.  The new quests are challenging but manageable if you are willing to take your time.  I am not a huge PvPer but I hope to try out the  Trials of Osiris this week.  My skill level in first person shooters leaves a lot to be desired so I don’t see me unlocking any of the nice new PvP items anytime soon.

Let me know what you think of House of Wolves by posting a comment.

Time to shake the dust off and get back to blogging!

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Wow, its amazing how fast time flies.

Life can get hectic to say the least but I want to try and put a renewed focus on expressing my thoughts and experiences through this blog.  Considering I am a shy individual by nature, blogging is a great way to help me express myself.  I am hoping to expand my blogging topics, moving away for my video game focus that originally sparked my interest in blogging.

I want to thank everyone who read my blog before and hope there is continued interest in what I hope to transform this blog into.

Happy Holidays

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I hope everyone has a great holiday season.

All the best in 2015!!

All the Best Luo!

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Well my Canucks management continues destroying the team. Bad trades and treating the former face of the franchise Roberto Luongo with ZERO respect by benching him for the Heritage Classic. How do you got from having one of the best goaltending duos in the NHL to a pair of rookies in under 10 months is beyond me!

As for Roberto Luongo, from this Canuck fan, thanks for all the great memories, leadership, and hard work! I hope you get all the respect you deserve in 🌴.


Dragon Age: Origins – Platinumed

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Well it took me 5 years, a PSN name change, and a through walk through of the Traveler trophy to finally accomplish this feat!

I was originally given Dragon Age as a birthday gift in 2009 and fell in love with it. I have always been a huge fantasy fan so this game was right up my ally. I had completed the game a couple of times on my old PSN and even with some of the graphical glitches on the PS3 thought it looked great.

With the upcoming release of Dragon Age: Inquisition I decided it would be a great opportunity to reply it under my new PSN handle, Gutvik. I remembered that the Bronze Traveler trophy was a royal nuisance to unlock so before starting I found a list of all the places I needed to visit to remove the frustration.

Once I started as a Human Noble Rogue named Kristzi I was addicted for a second time. Kristzi exploits as a Grey Warden are listed below:

*Spoilers* By the time my campaign was ending the Werewolves were cured, the Mage tower restored, Harrowmont was King of the Dwarfs, the Urn was found and shared to the world, the Anvil was destroyed, and Conner was saved. The final sacrifice came down to Alistair and me, Morrigan was not to happy when I said no to her offer, and Alistair made the death blow to kill the Archdemon.

After completing my first run with Kristzi I managed to collect every trophy except Hopeless Romantic (still needed Morrigan), Archmage, and Master of Arms. I admit to getting the Archmage and Master of Arms trophies by taking advantage of the Witch Hunt DLC, but hey what’s a man with limited time to do.

I am currently working through the game a second time with a City Elf Warrior named Gutvyk. With this trek through Ferelden I plan on getting the actual ending I want when I start Dragon Age II, along with completing the Hopeless Romantic trophy.

As for my platinum quest, it was just a few nights ago that Gutvyk charmed Morrigan to get the Witches Gone Wild (and Hopeless Romantic in the process) trophy to capture my first Platinum. Even though there are no more trophies to be had I am still having a great time playing to get to the ending I want.

Once I complete Gutvyk’s campaign I plan on a little break before tackling Dragon Age II again. Perhaps a little Ratchet and Clank, DMC, or ICO for something a little different.

Happy Birthday Little Man!

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Well it was a year ago today that my son was born. It signalled a monstrous reduction in my free time to blog and play video games but would not change it for the world.

I hope you had a great day my little Monster :)

My 3 year old Artist

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We got my Little Princess a black board for Christmas this year and she has fallen in love with drawing on it.  I love just watching her explore what she wants to draw and how her art has its own style already.  Normally she asks us to help her but we always make sure to follow her lead and ask her what she wants up to draw.  She was so proud of this picture of her brother with one tooth I just had to share it.

Little Princess Art 1


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