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A Bard is born.

Posted in MMO on 30/07/2009 by arthur1977

Running around in DDO last night I came to the conclusion that I am not enjoying playing my Paladin.  I think its a great class but my play style is more suited to playing a ranged class in a support role.  Cruising the DDO forums I found this build that might be more to my liking:

I rolled my new character last night and have enjoyed running around Korthos Island with him.  This build also has the built in benefit of being a great haggler which will help me maintain a decent amount of funds to buy wands to keep my party healthy.

In closing I would like to thank sigtrent for all his work creating great builds. If you are looking for some help on Sarlona look up Gutvik the Bard.

See you online.


DDO: Unlimited Stress Test

Posted in MMO on 28/07/2009 by arthur1977

DDO:U Beta1Well I took part in the DDO: Unlimited stress test that was held last night from 8 to 11.  I was only on for about an hour playing my Favored Soul (lv 2.3) and questing on the beginners island.  There were tones of people running around and I had no server problems, which I must say was very nice.  Getting a group was very easy and we decided to do the island quests Sacrifice and Necromancers Doom.  I did not have the quest at the time but the ability to share quest has been added (I think its new) so a group mate just offered them to me.  We had a lot of fun running the quests on hard and trying to take out every boss and treasure offering creature in the dungeons.  I must admit I was a little slow in realizing I was the group healer and it took me a bit to get use to the roll (most of the classes I play are ranged DPS).

All in all it was a great night.  I like some of the slight changes in the game, from having a graphic that tells you the type of damage you are giving and receiving to just the sharper looking interface.  I hope people give this game a second chance (it is f2p as of August 6th), they might be surprised how much they will enjoy it.

The Good Doc…

Posted in Sports on 25/07/2009 by arthur1977

Well the Blue Jays failed to capitalize on another great start by Roy Halladay.  Its unfortunate that the team has not been able to create a lot of excitement in the J.P. era.  I almost hope that the Jays trade Roy to a team that is in contention and give him a chance to pitch in the post season.  His loyalty to the team and the city of Toronto will be extremely hard to replace, but he is a winner and deserves a chance to be a champion.

Hello world!

Posted in Uncategorized on 25/07/2009 by arthur1977

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