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Final Fantasy XIV

Posted in MMO, PS3 with tags on 31/12/2009 by arthur1977

I remember over the summer catching the announcement that Final Fantasy XIV has been in the works for a couple of years now under the code name Rapture.   Being a huge Squaresoft (now Square Enix) fan since the release of Final Fantasy for the NES, I decided to searched all the gaming sites I could find for more information. I liked some of the ideas about gameplay that they hinted at but there was not a lot in information out yet.  After that I kind of got busy in RL and playing other games and lost touch with FFXIV.  With the beta registration beginning last week I thought is was a good time to get caught up again.

Over the past week I have been combing the web and listening to some great podcasts.  There are lots of fan sites and the official Final Fantasy XIV has been kept frequently updated when announcements have been made in Japan.  If you are looking for some great fan sites that also have podcasts check out and  There is also some good information at FFXIV Zam, tones of screen shots at, and some gameplay videos at

If anyone has another site or blogs that have opinions about Final Fantasy XIV drop me a comment and I will post them alongside the ones above.  The more I hear about this game my interest grows.  I think the biggest thing is that it is being developed to be played on your PS3, which is my platform of choice.  Heres hoping we have some good news about a release date in 2010.


Avatar 3D

Posted in Uncategorized on 30/12/2009 by arthur1977

A group of friends call me on saturday wondering if I was free to hangout and go see Avatar.  After watching the end of the Leafs vs Habs game we decided to hit the 10:30 Avatar 3D screening, my first 3D movie.  I have to say I really enjoyed the experience.

Avatar is 240 minutes if visual bliss!  James Cameron crafted a beautiful new world with lots of colour and character.  I really appreciated that the 3D element of the movie didn’t necessarily stand out here and there, but added realistic definition to the scenes.  I like the Na’vi race and enjoyed learing about their culture.  The story is solid and over the course of the movie the main characters develope and grow.  It is a story told time and time again about the greed of money makers at the expense of the “primitive” locals.  Although the story is old the full package of visuals, acting, and pacing keep you interested and wondering what is going to happen next.

Overall I loved this movie and hope to go see it again.  It’s one of the few epic movies that I sat through on without even thinking about how much time is left.  If you are a fantasy fan or just enjoy beautiful looking films, this would be a great movie for you.

Comedy filled Christmas

Posted in Uncategorized on 26/12/2009 by arthur1977

Merry Christmas everyone!!

This was the year that my wife and I got to cook dinner for everyone, so need less to say I did a lot of cleaning today.  The best past about this (besides the house smelling great) was that we just happened to have the TV on the Comedy network to get most of the Jeff Dunham Christmas Day Marathon!

I have seen some of his skits and thought his act was great.  To have him playing all day made the housework fly by.  He was still on when our guest arrived for dinner and they sat in front of the TV and laughed while the finishing touches were put on dinner.

If you have never heard of Jeff Dunham, he is a ventriloquist who uses many different partners that have a variety of personalities.  Anyone interested in a good laugh should check out his act on youtube, its well worth your time.

Happy Holidays!

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I just wanted to wish everyone out there the best for this holiday season.  I hope Santa gives you everything you wish for (within reason :P).

Frostfell is here!

Posted in MMO with tags on 19/12/2009 by arthur1977

Well, one of the reasons I decided to join EQ2 when I did was to take part in all the holiday cheer.  My original though was to start back up in the new year but I didn’t want to miss the gift giving action.  I have slowly worked my way through some of the Frostfell quests while having a grand time sliding around on the ice in the Frostfell area.  I have gotten 6 artisan levels crafting festive items for my house (see picture)!

The only downside of the new winter wonderland for me is its a PvP area.  I have been getting killed all the time just entering the zone or collecting items for crafting :(.  I guess I need to get use to all the Scrooges out there trying to get in the way of my Frostfell fun, even with them I am still having a good time.  I am looking forward to spending more time finishing the quests and crafting more in the next couple of weeks.  I wonder if there is any cute festive outfits that would be fun to wear, my female Dark Elf Carpenter needs some holiday cheer.

I hope everyone is enjoying the new content, and has all their holiday shopping finished.  As for me, I am off to the Buffalo Bills game versus the New England Patriots on Sunday.  There is nothing like a 5 hour drive there and back in winter conditions to get you to appericate how nice everything looks on your TV 🙂

Halladay a Philly!

Posted in Sports on 17/12/2009 by arthur1977

It has been in the works for a while now but it became official Wednesday, Doc Halladay is now a member of the Philadelphia Phillies.  As a Bluejays fan it is a bitter-sweet day.  Roy Halladay has been an amazing pitcher and person for the organization for years, a true class act.  I am glad to see that he is going to a contender and even though I am not a Phillies fan (Go Cardinals!) I hope they make to the playoffs and get Doc his ring in the next couple of years.

I actually think the Jays made out OK in this deal.  Yes they lost Doc, but he was gone at the end of the year no matter what.  In return they acquired a promising young pitcher Kyle Drabek, a developing catcher in Travis d’Arnaud, then in the final twist to the trade Wednesday night got 1B/3B Brett Wallace from Oakland.  I like all these players for different reason.  Kyle Drabek is a good young pitcher that will not be rushed and can join a now very young Jays staff.  The only position that the Bluejays have never had an All-Star is at catcher, will d’Arnaud be the first?  I don’t think so but he could be a good power option behind the plate with solid defence.  As for Wallace, this is the second time the team has acquired him.  He was a origional draft selection of the Jays but choise to got to school and hold off becoming a professional ball player.  From what everyone says about his defence, 3B might not be in the future for him.  That should not be a big concern because the Jays already have Edwin Encarnacion so I see Wallace and Adam Lind fighting it out for the 1B when Overbay departs.  Who ever looses that job battle will either take over LF or share DH duties with Randy Ruiz.

Overall I think the clear winners of the trades are the Phillies and the Mariners.  The both got Cy Young winning pitchers and a strong belief that a world series is in their future.  As for the Bluejays, I think they have added building blocks for the future.  They will not be a better team this year or maybe next year but come 2012 when young pitching staff has developed and some of the hitters have reached their prime they might have enough firepower to take on the monsters of the east in Boston and New York.  The bad thing with the Bluejays is with those to teams in the division with them, the only way to win with a limited budget is to make deals like this and hope they got the right talent in the system.

Dragon Age: Round 2

Posted in PS3 on 14/12/2009 by arthur1977

Well, I took a little time away for DA:O, but my quest for a platinum called me back.  This time through I decided my origin story would be of a Noble Dwarf Warrior with a chip on his shoulder (since I completed all the persuasion unlocks on the first run, this guy will work on the intimidation ones).  I am going to try to do all the main quest lines in a different order and with hopefully different outcomes.  Gone is the goody-goody rogue from the first play through, this guy has been betrayed and scared… people are going to pay!

Its been easy getting lost again in the story starting from a different origin, I now see the dwarfs in a different light and it made it easier having an angry character.  I favor being the polite helpful guy so its interesting making some of the darker choices for my character but I am staying true to his back story.

I cannot wait to see how different the ending short stories will be this time around.  This game and EQ2 will keep me busy over the holidays :), well that and a few turkey dinners.