EQ2, lighting an old flame

I friend of mine that I met playing Star Wars Galaxies and Ever Quest 2 sent me a note the other day saying she had resumed playing EQ2.  She wanted to know if I might be interested in rejoining.  Up until that point I had not really given it much thought, but it grew on me.

I enjoyed my first trek through EQ2 starting in Dec 2004, a group of SWG vets had decided to head over to that game and give it a try.  We joined a great guild called “Moonlight Raiders” and had a blast meeting new people.  I played for about 2 years and got my Defiler Nogusta up to lv 53, and my Wizard Gutvik to 40.  

With Christmas just around the corner I might have to give myself a little gift and give EQ2 another shot.  I have played a lot of different MMO’s since then and none have really held my attention, so why not give a great game another chance.


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