Gutvyk the Fury

After a bit of thinking I decided to reactivate my Everquest 2 account.  The last time I played was in early 2006 so it had been a while.

I joined my friend Krysle on the Nagafen PvP server and rolled an evil Human Fury.  It took me a while to decided on a class because I have only a little experience on PvP servers in EQ2.  I wanted to play a healer class for easier grouping, but one that had some solid DPS for soloing.  I have already leveled a Defiler up to 56 on another server so I went with a Druid Fury to try something different. 

So far I have managed to get to level 13 and crafted to 9.  I am having a great time being back and remembering how much I enjoyed this game.  So much has changed for the better in the past couple of years.  Currently my biggest question is what crafting tree I should decide, it is a choice between Sage (for spell upgrades), Tailor (Armor and bags) or Provisioner (Food and Drinks).

So if anyone is just fooling around on  Nagafen near Freeport and whats to offer up any advice or just wants to explore with a born again noob, look me up.


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