Fury in Action!

Well I am greatly enjoying my time back in EQ2.  I have been able to join a great guild, From the Ashes, and have quested with some amazing guild mates.  Its taken me a bit to remember that while in a group I am the healer, I have been soloing a lot and forget I have to take care of other people 🙂

I am liking the Fury class so far but have been getting killed in PvP out in the Commonlands.  After talking to some players it seems that my class is not the greatest to start out with (some are not that positive about it overall) for PvPing.  I am going to say my lack of success in PvP is partly skill (I am rusty!) and a mix between old equipment and AA point allocation.  All in all though I had a fun time running around harvesting and exploring the Commonlands.

The crafting system in EQ2 has changed drastically since I quit playing in 2006.   Gone are all the iron studs and washes you had to make before the finally product.  I love the new system that allows you to use harvestable items instead of making lots of sub components.  Since I am a leather armor wearing king of guy I decided to take Tailoring as my crafting skill, getting it to level 18 last night.  I though it might be a good idea to stay on top of my armor on a PvP server.  Being able to craft Hex dolls and backpacks for a tiny profit is also nice.


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