Dragon Age: Round 2

Well, I took a little time away for DA:O, but my quest for a platinum called me back.  This time through I decided my origin story would be of a Noble Dwarf Warrior with a chip on his shoulder (since I completed all the persuasion unlocks on the first run, this guy will work on the intimidation ones).  I am going to try to do all the main quest lines in a different order and with hopefully different outcomes.  Gone is the goody-goody rogue from the first play through, this guy has been betrayed and scared… people are going to pay!

Its been easy getting lost again in the story starting from a different origin, I now see the dwarfs in a different light and it made it easier having an angry character.  I favor being the polite helpful guy so its interesting making some of the darker choices for my character but I am staying true to his back story.

I cannot wait to see how different the ending short stories will be this time around.  This game and EQ2 will keep me busy over the holidays :), well that and a few turkey dinners.

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