Halladay a Philly!

It has been in the works for a while now but it became official Wednesday, Doc Halladay is now a member of the Philadelphia Phillies.  As a Bluejays fan it is a bitter-sweet day.  Roy Halladay has been an amazing pitcher and person for the organization for years, a true class act.  I am glad to see that he is going to a contender and even though I am not a Phillies fan (Go Cardinals!) I hope they make to the playoffs and get Doc his ring in the next couple of years.

I actually think the Jays made out OK in this deal.  Yes they lost Doc, but he was gone at the end of the year no matter what.  In return they acquired a promising young pitcher Kyle Drabek, a developing catcher in Travis d’Arnaud, then in the final twist to the trade Wednesday night got 1B/3B Brett Wallace from Oakland.  I like all these players for different reason.  Kyle Drabek is a good young pitcher that will not be rushed and can join a now very young Jays staff.  The only position that the Bluejays have never had an All-Star is at catcher, will d’Arnaud be the first?  I don’t think so but he could be a good power option behind the plate with solid defence.  As for Wallace, this is the second time the team has acquired him.  He was a origional draft selection of the Jays but choise to got to school and hold off becoming a professional ball player.  From what everyone says about his defence, 3B might not be in the future for him.  That should not be a big concern because the Jays already have Edwin Encarnacion so I see Wallace and Adam Lind fighting it out for the 1B when Overbay departs.  Who ever looses that job battle will either take over LF or share DH duties with Randy Ruiz.

Overall I think the clear winners of the trades are the Phillies and the Mariners.  The both got Cy Young winning pitchers and a strong belief that a world series is in their future.  As for the Bluejays, I think they have added building blocks for the future.  They will not be a better team this year or maybe next year but come 2012 when young pitching staff has developed and some of the hitters have reached their prime they might have enough firepower to take on the monsters of the east in Boston and New York.  The bad thing with the Bluejays is with those to teams in the division with them, the only way to win with a limited budget is to make deals like this and hope they got the right talent in the system.


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