Frostfell is here!

Well, one of the reasons I decided to join EQ2 when I did was to take part in all the holiday cheer.  My original though was to start back up in the new year but I didn’t want to miss the gift giving action.  I have slowly worked my way through some of the Frostfell quests while having a grand time sliding around on the ice in the Frostfell area.  I have gotten 6 artisan levels crafting festive items for my house (see picture)!

The only downside of the new winter wonderland for me is its a PvP area.  I have been getting killed all the time just entering the zone or collecting items for crafting :(.  I guess I need to get use to all the Scrooges out there trying to get in the way of my Frostfell fun, even with them I am still having a good time.  I am looking forward to spending more time finishing the quests and crafting more in the next couple of weeks.  I wonder if there is any cute festive outfits that would be fun to wear, my female Dark Elf Carpenter needs some holiday cheer.

I hope everyone is enjoying the new content, and has all their holiday shopping finished.  As for me, I am off to the Buffalo Bills game versus the New England Patriots on Sunday.  There is nothing like a 5 hour drive there and back in winter conditions to get you to appericate how nice everything looks on your TV 🙂


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