Avatar 3D

A group of friends call me on saturday wondering if I was free to hangout and go see Avatar.  After watching the end of the Leafs vs Habs game we decided to hit the 10:30 Avatar 3D screening, my first 3D movie.  I have to say I really enjoyed the experience.

Avatar is 240 minutes if visual bliss!  James Cameron crafted a beautiful new world with lots of colour and character.  I really appreciated that the 3D element of the movie didn’t necessarily stand out here and there, but added realistic definition to the scenes.  I like the Na’vi race and enjoyed learing about their culture.  The story is solid and over the course of the movie the main characters develope and grow.  It is a story told time and time again about the greed of money makers at the expense of the “primitive” locals.  Although the story is old the full package of visuals, acting, and pacing keep you interested and wondering what is going to happen next.

Overall I loved this movie and hope to go see it again.  It’s one of the few epic movies that I sat through on without even thinking about how much time is left.  If you are a fantasy fan or just enjoy beautiful looking films, this would be a great movie for you.


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