Final Fantasy XIV

I remember over the summer catching the announcement that Final Fantasy XIV has been in the works for a couple of years now under the code name Rapture.   Being a huge Squaresoft (now Square Enix) fan since the release of Final Fantasy for the NES, I decided to searched all the gaming sites I could find for more information. I liked some of the ideas about gameplay that they hinted at but there was not a lot in information out yet.  After that I kind of got busy in RL and playing other games and lost touch with FFXIV.  With the beta registration beginning last week I thought is was a good time to get caught up again.

Over the past week I have been combing the web and listening to some great podcasts.  There are lots of fan sites and the official Final Fantasy XIV has been kept frequently updated when announcements have been made in Japan.  If you are looking for some great fan sites that also have podcasts check out and  There is also some good information at FFXIV Zam, tones of screen shots at, and some gameplay videos at

If anyone has another site or blogs that have opinions about Final Fantasy XIV drop me a comment and I will post them alongside the ones above.  The more I hear about this game my interest grows.  I think the biggest thing is that it is being developed to be played on your PS3, which is my platform of choice.  Heres hoping we have some good news about a release date in 2010.


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