Going Old School before FFXIV arrives

After reading up on much of what was released for Final Fantasy XIV, I saw an interesting post on Eorzeapedia talking about tying Final Fantasy XI before XIV comes out.  This idea intrigued me and since FFXIV is still months away (unless you are lucky and get a beta key), I liked the sound of this idea.

I decided to cancel my EQ2 account, it’s a very fun game but I just was not enjoying the PvP server.  Another reason is that I had high level toon so most of what I was doing I have done before. I do admit that I have bought FFXI before was well (twice in fact) but never made the commitment to it that it requires.

So far I have logged about 7 hours of gameplay.  Gutvik is currently a level 7 Red Mage with her sights set on being a Dragoon.  I do admit the graphics do look a little dated (this game is 8ish years old), but I am really enjoying myself.  The game is not your typical MMO for a combat stand point.  You don’t use your number keys to do specific action but instead level up your skills with a weapon type tp gain different attacks.  Magic works in basically the same way allowing you to get better at your craft the more you use it.

I am looking forward to see more of what this game has to offer.  I hope to join the LinkShell that Sachmo started on the Asura server and start enjoying the group experience that makes MMO’s so much fun.

Look us up if you are interested!


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