Dunes Party, Final Fantasy XI Style

On Wednesday night I sat down for an extended gaming session (about 5 hours).  My goal for the evening was to level Gutvik up as high as I could soloing in La Theine Plateau or if I got lucky get a group invite to hunt in the Valkurm Dunes.

The first thing I did after logging on was to update most of my equipment to take on the new areas I planed to explore.  Being limited in the cash department I price shopped for my armor and turned in some conquest points for a nice pair of boots.  Thinking ahead I also picked up my Red Mage spells for level 12 (Aquaveil) and 13 (Slow) hoping to achieve at least that amount of success while wandering around the Plateau.

I traveled to the La Theine Plateau and started doing the solo kill quests  (I forget the name of the book that you get them from).  Over the next 2 hours I explored and hunting all over the beautiful Plateau.  It was a fun experience in which I managed to hit level 13 and complete 3 quests.

Just as I was finishing off the third quest in La Theine Plateau I got a tell wondering if I wanted to join a party in the Valkurm Dunes.  Needless to say I accepted and headed off to join them.  I advised them that I had never been to the Dunes and they were cool with that and had an escort waiting to lead me to where the group was hunting.  Little did I know my low level was what this group was looking for so they could sync down to it and generate good experience for everyone.  Over the next 2 hours we fought enemy after enemy while having a great time just chatting.  For my first group in-game I would like to thank Sin, Lindwurm, Inoue, Muzy and Auenkiss for a great evening of xp grinding.  When we decided to call it quits I had just hit level 15 and the time was getting close to 4am 🙂

Overall I had a great night both soloing and partying!  There were many discussions like is it Pop or Soda, what comedy should a Linkshell mate watch and lots of other off the wall topics.  I am starting to think instead of trying all those other MMO’s in the past few years I should have tried this one again a lot sooner.


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