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Final Fantasy on my iPod

Posted in Final Fantasy on 28/02/2010 by arthur1977

Well it’s finally here!  I am currently downloading Final Fantasy for my iPod for just 9$.  It has been getting great reviews so far and looks amazing.  I cannot wait to pick my 4 member team… Warrior, Monk, Thief, Red Mage, White Mage or Black Mage.

Let the fun begin.


I am addicted to the Olympics….

Posted in Sports with tags on 26/02/2010 by arthur1977

The first event I watched was the Men’s Moguls and I got to see Alexandre Bilodeau make his amazing jump to get Canada’s first gold medal at home.  Even after that it still took me a few more days to get drawn in to the whole thing, but for about a week now I have been watching almost everything in my time off.  I really enjoyed watching the long and short track speed skating, all the ski\snowboard cross events, the skeleton.  I had a great time watching the ladies win both the gold and silver in the 2 person bobsleigh  as well as the gold in woman’s ice hockey (2-0 vs USA, who played a great game).

Best of all, now I can turn my attention to some of the sports I have actually played.  In the next couple of day both curling teams are going for a gold medals and the Canadian mens hockey team needs at least one more win to get a metal.  It’s to bad I work all weekend… oh well that’s what shows like SportsCenter are for. Lets Go Canada!

Canada gets by Russia in Olympic hockey!

Posted in Sports on 25/02/2010 by arthur1977

What a game!  It was a type of game I did not expect to see but love watching.  I think for the first 2 periods there was only transition defence and back and forth action.  Team Canada finally decided to hit everyone which leads to some great hockey and gives them a distince advantage over most teams.  I am really starting to appreciate how Jonathan Toews plays the game.  The second line of Nash, Richards and Toews took charge and dominated the play while they were on the ice.

Overall the team finally looked hungry and set the pace of the game.  Lets hope they can keep it up for the next game against Sweden or Slovakia. Go CANADA Go!!

Show me the trophies!!!

Posted in PS3 on 20/02/2010 by arthur1977

Is it sad I cannot motivate myself to play old PS3 games that have not been updated with Trophies?  I picked up Assassins Creed for 10$ and it’s still in the plastic because I am obsessed with getting a plat in Dragon Age and working on my trophies in NHL 10. I wonder how many older games titles I will pass up because of this?  I am glad I have already beaten Resistence and a few other good early titles before the trophy hunt began.  I would like to thank the companies that have updated their games to include trophies (Uncharted!!!).  I know this is silly and I will miss out on a few good games but I just cannot help it 😛

Final Fantasy XIII, starting to get excited!!

Posted in Final Fantasy, PS3 with tags on 16/02/2010 by arthur1977

With my decision to quit MMO’s until Final Fantasy XIV come out I am enjoying playing my PS3 again.  I just finished my second trip through Dragon Age and have gotten 89% of the trophies, I have also started my own hockey career as a play making  forward in NHL 10.

Up until recently I have not really be that excited about Final Fantasy XIII though.  With more free time I have actually started reading up more on the game and am liking what I am seeing.  I’ve been reading some reviews and checking out a lot of gaming sites to see what peoples opinions are about the game and its starting to grow on me.  I have really enjoyed the Final Fantasy Series (minus the hand-held stuff) up until this point and now think FFXIII will be no exception.

Here are some of the sites I have been checking out:

Final Fantasy XIII (a little bit of everything)

RPGFan Reviews (great writeup) (lots of videos)

GameStats (great site that has links to many other previews and reviews)

If you know of any other sites please let me know.  With all my free time I can now actually relax and enjoy the game instead of rushing it.  I cannot wait, now to figure out where to pre-order it from!

Time for a MMO break.

Posted in MMO with tags on 14/02/2010 by arthur1977

I think it’s time for me to take an extended break from MMO’s. I have played them since Star Wars Galaxies was just released with only a month pause here and there. I still plan on playing Final Fantasy XIV when it comes out in the future. Until then it’s all PS3 and getting set up for the baby that is coming around June 24.

Until then its PS3 and keeping tabs on Final Fantasy XIV!

Dragon Age: Round Two

Posted in PS3 with tags on 08/02/2010 by arthur1977

After taking a little bit of a break to explore Vana’deil my Dragon Age addiction came back. I really enjoyed my first play through as a Human Noble rogue so this time I decided to try my hand at the warrior class.

I have always liked the idea of creating a 2-handed Dwarf fighter, so I did. This time I want to explore the darker side of the game so I made my main party out of Morrigan, Sten and Zevan (dropping Sten when I am forced to add another character for story reasons). This group worked well together, having all the basic classes and some lively banter between them. Also they didn’t seem to mind when I intimidated the Head Mother of the Chantry for some holy symbols or just push a few people around to get what we need.

My team just made it to the Landsmeet and I discovered one problems with this team, loyalty. I guess I was not paying my assassin enough attention so when the Crows showed up he decided to try to get back in their ranks by finishing me off! He was unsuccessful 🙂 I have yet to decide who will be the next member of my group but I think it might be my faithful hound. Akhran.

So far I like the unique feeling of playing the shady side of the game. I do force myself to take all the darker outcomes even if it is against my nature.  The ability to set the mood of the game many ways really helps the replay value.  trophies on the PS3 are another nice motivator, so far I have 77% of them.  One more trek through the game with a Mage and I will hopefully get my platinum.