So many games… so little time…

As the month of February starts and more good games hit the shelves I continue to fall hopelessly behind on my wish list.  There are so many great games coming out that I just cannot keep up to them all.  It does not help that I really enjoy RPG’s that I have to sink about 60+ hours into every play through.  My other gaming vice is playing MMO’s, you know the games that NEVER end!

As of today the list of games I want to play or am currently playing include:

Dragon Age: Origins (67% towards my Platinum!)

Final Fantasy XI (Currently playing)

Uncharted 2

Final Fantasy XIV

White Knight Chronicles

Assassins Creed I+II

Transformers: War for Cybertron

Final Fantasy XIII

God of War III

Ok, I know I forgetting some but with a full-time job and a baby on the way I will be lucky enough to try the demos for each of these great titles.  I am starting to think that 2010 might be a really busy year for me!


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