One Month of Final Fantasy XI!

Time flies and I have already have spent one month emerged into the world of Vana`diel.  I have really enjoyed my time exploring this rich environment and taking in all the game has to offer in low-level content.  I do admit that I have not logged in much in the last week because my Dragon Age addiction has once again raised its ugly head (71% to plat!).

I have really enjoyed my time in Final Fantasy XI, one of the main reasons for that is the people.  I got to join a great LinkShell in TakeChunks, my shell mates have been very helpful in answering all my questions and helping me when I need to carry out a goal or get some items for a quest.  I have also found that every pick up group I have joined in the Valkurm Dunes has been very helpful in offering tips and information about FFXI.

According to X-fire I have spent about 35 hours in-game over the last month and managed to get my Red Mage job to 18 and Warrior up to 16.  The pace of getting levels seems about right in this game, it does not happen to fast so you cannot get accustom to your new abilities and its quick enough to feel not like a hopeless grind.  I soloed most of my time until I reached level 12-13 then spent my time in the dunes and found it a good way to do things.  After talking to people in-game the story really develops a lot more after you reach the level 30 and can unlock some of the elite jobs (Dragoon!).

Overall I am very pleased with the Final Fantasy XI game and community.   The game has been out for about 8 years and has a lot of polish.  They have made lots of patches and bug fixes to keep the game flowing smoothly.  The only downside I can see so far is the limited amount of items in the auction house which makes is a little difficult acquiring certain items at times.  Besides that I have no complaints and look forward to playing this game for at least the next few months waiting for Final Fantasy XIV to be released.


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