Dragon Age: Round Two

After taking a little bit of a break to explore Vana’deil my Dragon Age addiction came back. I really enjoyed my first play through as a Human Noble rogue so this time I decided to try my hand at the warrior class.

I have always liked the idea of creating a 2-handed Dwarf fighter, so I did. This time I want to explore the darker side of the game so I made my main party out of Morrigan, Sten and Zevan (dropping Sten when I am forced to add another character for story reasons). This group worked well together, having all the basic classes and some lively banter between them. Also they didn’t seem to mind when I intimidated the Head Mother of the Chantry for some holy symbols or just push a few people around to get what we need.

My team just made it to the Landsmeet and I discovered one problems with this team, loyalty. I guess I was not paying my assassin enough attention so when the Crows showed up he decided to try to get back in their ranks by finishing me off! He was unsuccessful 🙂 I have yet to decide who will be the next member of my group but I think it might be my faithful hound. Akhran.

So far I like the unique feeling of playing the shady side of the game. I do force myself to take all the darker outcomes even if it is against my nature.  The ability to set the mood of the game many ways really helps the replay value.  trophies on the PS3 are another nice motivator, so far I have 77% of them.  One more trek through the game with a Mage and I will hopefully get my platinum.


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