Final Fantasy XIII, starting to get excited!!

With my decision to quit MMO’s until Final Fantasy XIV come out I am enjoying playing my PS3 again.  I just finished my second trip through Dragon Age and have gotten 89% of the trophies, I have also started my own hockey career as a play making  forward in NHL 10.

Up until recently I have not really be that excited about Final Fantasy XIII though.  With more free time I have actually started reading up more on the game and am liking what I am seeing.  I’ve been reading some reviews and checking out a lot of gaming sites to see what peoples opinions are about the game and its starting to grow on me.  I have really enjoyed the Final Fantasy Series (minus the hand-held stuff) up until this point and now think FFXIII will be no exception.

Here are some of the sites I have been checking out:

Final Fantasy XIII (a little bit of everything)

RPGFan Reviews (great writeup) (lots of videos)

GameStats (great site that has links to many other previews and reviews)

If you know of any other sites please let me know.  With all my free time I can now actually relax and enjoy the game instead of rushing it.  I cannot wait, now to figure out where to pre-order it from!


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