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The beauty of Gran Pulse

Posted in Final Fantasy, PS3, RPG, Square Enix with tags , on 29/03/2010 by arthur1977

Well it took me about 30 hours to finally make it to Gran Pulse!  I have to say the landscape is beautiful with lots of wild life to attack or avoid.  So far I have only done one mission and explored a little but I am looking forward to a long play session tonight.  From what I hear this marks about the half way point of the game.  I hope to finish the game in a few weeks and write my thoughts.  Overall I am enjoying it even with the linear beginning.

If you enjoy getting trophies  remember to always use Libra on new enemies, it gives you great information on how to attack enemies and you also get an easy gold trophy for fully scouting 100 enemies.  I unlocked this trophy before I even made it to Gran Pulse and have now unlocked 24% so far on this play through.


Square Addict

Posted in Final Fantasy, RPG, Square Enix on 25/03/2010 by arthur1977

I got the nickname “Square Addict” during my first year at the University of Windsor.  We had a Super NES (I know I am showing my age) hooked up to the TV in the common room and if I was not at class or hanging out with friends I was in their playing some classic SquareSoft games.

During that year I played some great games like the Secret of Evermore, Chrono Trigger and Breath of Fire!  The next year I upgraded to the PS and got my hands on a copy of Final Fantasy VII and well the rest is history, hundreds of lost hours playing that and many more Square games.

Now about 10 years later I am still playing the Final Fantasy series and loving it.  To live up to my name (and maybe to get a beta code for Final Fantasy XIV :P) I registered to be a Square Enix member a few days ago.  If you have time please check out my page, Arthur1977, and say hello.

One final note: I even named my cat Jenova, and my wife actually likes the name!

Screen shots on the PS3

Posted in PS3 on 20/03/2010 by arthur1977

As I get further into Final Fantasy XIII I keep on wishing I could take some screen shots. The game is beautiful and some of the environments would look amazing as a backdrop for your computer. Also as a blogger I would love to show people a picture of where I am in game rather than just write about it.

I guess I have just been spoiled by playing PC MMO’s for the past 8 years. Having the screen shot option seems just natural to me now. How hard would it be to have a folder for screen shots somewhere on the PS3 hard drive and let people take and share images of their favorite games?

New CrystalCore Podcast!

Posted in Final Fantasy, MMO, PS3 with tags , on 16/03/2010 by arthur1977

CrystalCore Podcast Episode 10: Epic & Legendary! was released yesterday and is full of great discussions about all the new information that has been recently announced by Square Enix.  The podcast talks in-depth about all the job classes and there possible roles within groups including the crafting professions.  If you have any interest in keeping up to date on all the new information for Final Fantasy XIV I suggest subscribing to this podcast and checking out FFXIVCore.

Final Fantasy XIII (6 hours in)

Posted in Final Fantasy, PS3 with tags on 14/03/2010 by arthur1977

I picked up my copy of Final Fantasy XIII after work on Tuesday.  Later on that night I through it in my PS3 and watched the beginning cinematic and started a new game. Right off the bat you can see how amazing the graphics are, the environment and character design are beautiful.

I do admit that it took me an hour or two to get drawn into the story, but this is like most story driven games where you need the time to get familiar with the personalities of the characters.   The way they are building up the background stories of each character through cut screens and gameplay is very engaging.

The gradual introduction to the combat system does a great job explaining how all the different aspects go together.  Now that I have most of the battle systems unlocked I am having a great with it.  My favorite 3 person group has a Commando and 2 Ravagers, but for boss mobs I like dropping a Ravager and replacing it with a Saboteur for a few debuffs before switching back to my offensive trio.

Overall I am really enjoying the game!  I cannot wait to explore more of Cocoon and dive deeper into the great story that is being developed.

Final Fantasy XIV, have the flood gates opened?

Posted in Final Fantasy, MMO, PS3 with tags , on 13/03/2010 by arthur1977

Like most people though with the release of Final Fantasy XIII it seems Square Enix’s focus has now shifted. Over the past couple of days more information about Final Fantasy XIV has been being released than in the past couple of months.

The magazine Famitsu has a large write-up about Final Fantasy XIV coming out soon, so hopefully the official site will have a major update as well.  Eorzeapedia has a great post on class information that they collected from both Famitsu and 4Gamer.  Eorzeapedia also did a neat little article breaking down one of the in-game screenshots that was released, check it out here

With hopefully more news coming keep checking these sites,  Eorzapedia, FFXIVcore and FFXIVbase for more information and some interesting discussions about FFXIV.  As well,  Beyond Vana’diel is a new site that I have recently found that contains lots of information and interesting discussions about FFXIV called  (where I stole this great picture from).

I must admit my enthusiasm had been dwindling for this title, but with the new information about classes and some of the screenshots this game is starting look very good.  I once again cannot wait to hear more about it and finally get a release date!

F2P gold in SotNW

Posted in MMO with tags , , on 05/03/2010 by arthur1977

A few nights ago I was sitting around with time on my hands and nothing to do. I had gotten tired of Dragon Age and with the olympics over there was not much on tv. That’s when I remembered that I still had Sword if the New World on my PC.

I have been playing it again for a few days now and am really enjoying it.  It has its on unique feel by letting your control 3 characters.  This offers you great customization to chose what type of group you want to lead into battle.  My current formation is a Fighter, Scout (healer) and either a Wizard or Musketeer.   I have yet to master the AFK leveling that you can do in this game by setting your party to defend / hold mode but I love the idea to level while you are not there to keep up with your friends.   My team tends to get themself killed after a little while, but I think it’s mostly my fault because I try to AFK to high of mobs.

Here are some of the reasons I like this game:

– the graphics (they are beautiful)

– Soundtrack

– The battle system (I enjoy setting your guys up in a formation and letting them destroy everything in the room!)

– NPC card system ( you can unlock NPC characters to play by getting their cards)

– Stances (allows great customization of your characters build and play style)

OK, now for some cons:

– Minimal customization of characters (you get the choice of Make or Female)

– Small amount of players for a MMO

– Fast pace battles (they can quickly get out of hand will lots of aggro)

Overall I really enjoy playing this game and am looking forward to trying out the higher level dungeons and stances.  If you are interested in a beautiful game that offers lots of great environments and solid gameplay check out Sword of the New World.