F2P gold in SotNW

A few nights ago I was sitting around with time on my hands and nothing to do. I had gotten tired of Dragon Age and with the olympics over there was not much on tv. That’s when I remembered that I still had Sword if the New World on my PC.

I have been playing it again for a few days now and am really enjoying it.  It has its on unique feel by letting your control 3 characters.  This offers you great customization to chose what type of group you want to lead into battle.  My current formation is a Fighter, Scout (healer) and either a Wizard or Musketeer.   I have yet to master the AFK leveling that you can do in this game by setting your party to defend / hold mode but I love the idea to level while you are not there to keep up with your friends.   My team tends to get themself killed after a little while, but I think it’s mostly my fault because I try to AFK to high of mobs.

Here are some of the reasons I like this game:

– the graphics (they are beautiful)

– Soundtrack

– The battle system (I enjoy setting your guys up in a formation and letting them destroy everything in the room!)

– NPC card system ( you can unlock NPC characters to play by getting their cards)

– Stances (allows great customization of your characters build and play style)

OK, now for some cons:

– Minimal customization of characters (you get the choice of Make or Female)

– Small amount of players for a MMO

– Fast pace battles (they can quickly get out of hand will lots of aggro)

Overall I really enjoy playing this game and am looking forward to trying out the higher level dungeons and stances.  If you are interested in a beautiful game that offers lots of great environments and solid gameplay check out Sword of the New World.


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