Final Fantasy XIV, have the flood gates opened?

Like most people though with the release of Final Fantasy XIII it seems Square Enix’s focus has now shifted. Over the past couple of days more information about Final Fantasy XIV has been being released than in the past couple of months.

The magazine Famitsu has a large write-up about Final Fantasy XIV coming out soon, so hopefully the official site will have a major update as well.  Eorzeapedia has a great post on class information that they collected from both Famitsu and 4Gamer.  Eorzeapedia also did a neat little article breaking down one of the in-game screenshots that was released, check it out here

With hopefully more news coming keep checking these sites,  Eorzapedia, FFXIVcore and FFXIVbase for more information and some interesting discussions about FFXIV.  As well,  Beyond Vana’diel is a new site that I have recently found that contains lots of information and interesting discussions about FFXIV called  (where I stole this great picture from).

I must admit my enthusiasm had been dwindling for this title, but with the new information about classes and some of the screenshots this game is starting look very good.  I once again cannot wait to hear more about it and finally get a release date!


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