Final Fantasy XIII (6 hours in)

I picked up my copy of Final Fantasy XIII after work on Tuesday.  Later on that night I through it in my PS3 and watched the beginning cinematic and started a new game. Right off the bat you can see how amazing the graphics are, the environment and character design are beautiful.

I do admit that it took me an hour or two to get drawn into the story, but this is like most story driven games where you need the time to get familiar with the personalities of the characters.   The way they are building up the background stories of each character through cut screens and gameplay is very engaging.

The gradual introduction to the combat system does a great job explaining how all the different aspects go together.  Now that I have most of the battle systems unlocked I am having a great with it.  My favorite 3 person group has a Commando and 2 Ravagers, but for boss mobs I like dropping a Ravager and replacing it with a Saboteur for a few debuffs before switching back to my offensive trio.

Overall I am really enjoying the game!  I cannot wait to explore more of Cocoon and dive deeper into the great story that is being developed.


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