Square Addict

I got the nickname “Square Addict” during my first year at the University of Windsor.  We had a Super NES (I know I am showing my age) hooked up to the TV in the common room and if I was not at class or hanging out with friends I was in their playing some classic SquareSoft games.

During that year I played some great games like the Secret of Evermore, Chrono Trigger and Breath of Fire!  The next year I upgraded to the PS and got my hands on a copy of Final Fantasy VII and well the rest is history, hundreds of lost hours playing that and many more Square games.

Now about 10 years later I am still playing the Final Fantasy series and loving it.  To live up to my name (and maybe to get a beta code for Final Fantasy XIV :P) I registered to be a Square Enix member a few days ago.  If you have time please check out my page, Arthur1977, and say hello.

One final note: I even named my cat Jenova, and my wife actually likes the name!

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