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The DDO store and Me :)

Posted in DDO, MMO with tags on 30/04/2010 by arthur1977

Well I decided to take advantage of the great 30% off adventure pack promotion that Turbine has been offering. With the points I had leftover from my time as a VIPer I searched the forums and grabbed the top 4 adventure packs that people suggested:

The Reaver's Reach Adventure Pack The Reaver’s Reach Adventure Pack
245.0 Points 1 245.0 Points
Shan-to-Kor Adventure Pack Shan-to-Kor Adventure Pack
175.0 Points 1 175.0 Points
The Vale of Twilight Adventure Pack The Vale of Twilight Adventure Pack
455.0 Points 1 455.0 Points
The Ruins of Gianthold Adventure Pack The Ruins of Gianthold Adventure Pack
665.0 Points 1 665.0 Points

I cannot wait to get Gutvik my Rogue/Bard off the island and work his way up though this content.  I have run STK before and love it, and now I have more motivation to run around questing!  If you want to group look me up on Orien 🙂


Commemorative Bunny Hat anyone?

Posted in DDO, MMO on 25/04/2010 by arthur1977

One gaming session and one purchase from the DDO store!  This might be a slippery slope but I hope to curb my spending soon 🙂

I have to admit that this item cost me a whopping 5 Turbine Points and with is +5 jump bonus I think it is a good purchase.  Overall I really like how the game content is sold in the DDO store.  It almost feels like you are actually going out and buying an adventure pack for the table top D&D.

I am not sure how man items I will actually buy from the store, but if you pay attention you can find great little gems like this pop up every now and then.

DDO:U Back on the Island

Posted in DDO, MMO with tags on 23/04/2010 by arthur1977

Thanks to Syp @ BioBreak and Rubi @ Massively for getting me back in to Dungeons and Dragons Online.  After reading about the creation of Massively’s Night of Eberron (a Wednesday night get together), I decided to jump back in and roll a new character.  I do agree with Syp’s statement that “finding good groups is the biggest barrier to enjoyment in that game”, so having a night set a side to game with a group of people really sounds great.

I logged in last night and created a Drow Ranger named Binge Drinker.  My plan is to follow the Demon Hunter build that was created by Sigtrent on the DDO Forums.  I have yet to get a guild invite (I was only on for about 20 minutes) and unfortunately I am working next Wednesday, but I hope to hook up with the Night Of Eberron group in the near future.  The best part about this idea is when you are in a group most DDO quest take very little time (15-25 minutes) so if you only have an hour or two it’s still a great game to play.

CrystalCore Podcast Ep 12

Posted in Final Fantasy, MMO, PS3, Square Enix with tags , on 20/04/2010 by arthur1977

Hey everyone the new episode of CrystalCore podcast is out!  It’s a great podcast made even more entertaining by them trying to figure out what is NDP approved after all the Alpha leaks that have been happening over the last couple of weeks. Check it out here: CrystalCore Podcast Ep. 12: What We Can Talk About

I am going to get the bazooka!

Posted in Movie with tags on 20/04/2010 by arthur1977

My Wife and I decided to go and check out Kick Ass over the weekend and have to say we both left impressed.  The movie was very entertaining and the 2 hours just flew by.  I liked how they kept things semi realistic except during some of the action scenes.  I would avoid this movie if you have problems with a 12-year-old girl killing lots of people in various and brutal ways (Hit Girl Rocks!).  Overall I would give this movie a 4 out of 5 and suggest you go check it out!

Final Fantasy XIV Alpha impressions are out!

Posted in Final Fantasy, PS3, Square Enix with tags , on 18/04/2010 by arthur1977

Over the last couple of days tones of alpha impression and screenshots have been hitting the net.  From what I have seen this game looks amazing and I cannot wait to try it out.  If you are interested in reading some impressions about how the Alpha test is going check out these posts:

Famitsu site update, Alpha Impressions @ FFXIVCore

4Gamer Alpha Impressions @ FFXIVBase

I will be trying to post more links when I have time to do some research.  Until then if anyone has some good sites for Final Fantasy XIV information put it in the comment section for all to read.

Total Chaos!

Posted in Just Cause 2, PS3, Square Enix with tags , on 17/04/2010 by arthur1977

I have to say I love playing Just Cause 2.  I have even quit playing Final Fantasy XIII (another great Square game) just to cause more Chaos around the Island of Panau.  I spend most of my time going around exploring the rich environment while discovering towns and military bases to cause Chaos in.  In about 11 hours I only done about 3-4 actual missions for the Reapers, they were fun (I really liked hijacking the Limo) but I am more interested in just exploring for the time being.

For me the draw of this game is the fast paced combat and getting 100% completion for the places I discover wandering the globe.  The thing I like about the combat is the action feel, as long as your targeting X is close to enemy you still can hit him (which is very nice).  It does very by the weapon you are using and how upgraded it is.  For this reason I have been upgrading my pistol to give me the best chance of hitting my target. All in all this game is a blast to play and I cannot wait to explore more!