DDO:U Back on the Island

Thanks to Syp @ BioBreak and Rubi @ Massively for getting me back in to Dungeons and Dragons Online.  After reading about the creation of Massively’s Night of Eberron (a Wednesday night get together), I decided to jump back in and roll a new character.  I do agree with Syp’s statement that “finding good groups is the biggest barrier to enjoyment in that game”, so having a night set a side to game with a group of people really sounds great.

I logged in last night and created a Drow Ranger named Binge Drinker.  My plan is to follow the Demon Hunter build that was created by Sigtrent on the DDO Forums.  I have yet to get a guild invite (I was only on for about 20 minutes) and unfortunately I am working next Wednesday, but I hope to hook up with the Night Of Eberron group in the near future.  The best part about this idea is when you are in a group most DDO quest take very little time (15-25 minutes) so if you only have an hour or two it’s still a great game to play.


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