A Sunday afternoon in The Waterworks

I woke up early Sunday morning feeling good.  The Vancouver Canucks  had just taken a 1-0 series lead against the Chicago Blackhawks and I enjoyed watching the game.  By about noon I had complete all the chores I had set aside to do on my day off so the rest of the afternoon could be dedicated to gaming, specifically DDO!

I have been doing a lot of reading on the DDOCast forums and they have a static get together every Sunday afternoon and Wednesday night.  I wanted to create a Virtuoso Bard so I posted some of my ideas on the forums and had a really educational time discussing all of the options with some insightful people.  With my new build in hand I rolled up Gutvik the Unctuous on Friday and worked my way off the island.

I logged on Sunday just past noon and asked for a guild invite.  I got accepted to the DDOCast Build Guild and just enjoyed talking to my new guild mates.  Compared to most of the individual’s playing in the guild (this group has been running for a few months) I was one of the lower level players, but found a few guildies who wanted to group and headed off to The Waterworks for a fun time killing Kobolds.

Since Sharkhunter, Avaricegold and I had run the quest chain before we ventured in on Hard and were doing quite well (as well as you can with no Rogue) until we ran in to a stubborn Kobold Shaman that took a disliking to us.  After trying to take out the nasty Kobold resulted in a party wipe we though a new approach was necessary.  We zoned out and recruited another fellow guild mate named Kungfusious and grabbed some Clerical hirelings.

Needless to say this really turned our fortunes around.  We managed to complete all four quest in the chain while killing hundreds of monsters on the way.  I had a great time with this group talking back and forth (I really need to quit being shy and hook up my mic!) and before you know it the questing was done, and I have gained a level and filled my backpack with goodies.

The whole afternoon was great.  I met some good people who love playing DDO, and got to explore and advance my new character.  The ending of the quest couldn’t have been better because by the time I logout out my wife was just getting home from work.  I would like to thank Sharkhunter, Avaricegold and Kungfusious for a fun time and I hope to group with you again in the future!


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