Server jumping….

I am still really enjoying DDO, but its been hard to settle down and find a server to call my own.  I think it’s about time I do that because server jumping is leading to a lot of repetitive content and I want to see what the higher levels have to offer.

I decided to make Sarlona my home server and created a new character named Gutvyk!  He is a Dwarven Battle Cleric light (semi based on Sigtents Pseudo Shaman build). He starts off as a good melee fighter in the low levels but all his upgrades and enhancements tend towards the caster side so I can be a strong healer for endgame.  I also picked a healer thinking its one of the best classes to get group invites, a key to this wonderful game.

So far he has been great to play!  I have just hit level 4 (3 Clr / 1 Fig) and get to use the +1 Holy Dwarven War Axe that Saerrate was kind enough to give me (a big thank you for that!).  I am hoping to play for a few hours tonight and hit level 5, my plan is to try and get though both Waterworks and STK!

So if you need a Cleric that likes strong ale and slicing things in 2 with his Holy Dwarven War Axe look me up on the Sarlona server!


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