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Final Fantasy XIV gets a release date!!

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I just thought I would throw out a quick blog to share the news that Final Fantasy XIV finally has a release date!  It has been posted on the Final Fantasy XIV official website that PC versions of the game will be coming out on September 30th for a regular copy and September 22th for the people who buy the special edition.  Check out the link for more information.

The only downside it seems is that the PS3 version of the game will be coming out months after the PC release.  I guess that means I have to pick up another copy of the game, so be it I can not wait that much longer to start!!


Final Fantasy XIV @ E3

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Just when I start thinking that I am looking forward to other games more than Final Fantasy XIV a show like E3 comes around and POW… I am hooked all over again.

I have been reading a lot of the articles that have been posted over the last couple of days talking about Square-Enix’s showing of Final Fantasy XIV at E3. Instead of writing what I think after reading the articles I though I would post a few so you could make your own opinion. I have to admit though, after reading them I am once again looking forward to adding this one to my shopping list once the release date gets announced (that or keeping my fingers crossed for PS3 Beta!).

Massively exclusive interview with Hiromichi Tanaka

IGN E3 Final Fantasy Impressions

G4TV Final Fantasy XIV

FFXIVCore E3 News and lots of Videos!

Game Trailers Beta Battle Walk-through

MMOCrunch E3: The Beauty of Final Fantasy XIV

I hope the links were help full!

What I learned from Canada’s Worst Handyman!

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I have to admit that I love watching Canada’s Worst Handyman. I find the show very funny and educational. I decided to make a list of the top 5 things I learned from watching this years Canada’s Worst Handyman 5.

5. I am not the worst amateur handyman in Canada. I am not great, but not CWH bad.

4. When I go to mount a flat screen TV on the wall I now have a basic understanding how to fish wires in a wall.

3. Follow the K.I.S.S. model (keep it simple stupid). Leave the hard stuff for the professionals, only tackle jobs within you skill level.

2. Home renovations are not that hard. Just set aside enough time and be patient.

1. Read the instruction, re-read the instructions, and if your don’t understand them read them again!

New Class Unlocked: Parent Lv. 0

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Skills acquired: Diaper Changing, Feeding, Napping, Burping, and General Wife Support.

On Tuesday my Wife and I were blessed with a beautiful baby girl!  In that instant I became a parent, a person with responsibilities and someone dependent on them. I have to admit it made me nervous!  Over the last few night I have been feeling out this Parenting role, and am starting to become more comfortable with it. The last couple of days have been really stressful for both me and my wife, but we are both starting get more relaxed and asking for help when we feel like we are over our heads.

My wife has been amazing!  I realized right off the top that she really has all the heavy lifting (from delivery to breastfeeding) and I am just here to give her all the support she need.  If that is making her some food to eat as she is feeding our little girl, to soothing the baby at any hour of the night to give her some well deserved sleep.  I also have to say that the Midwives that have been helping us have been invaluable! They are very knowledgeable and have a calming supportive manner about them.

All in all that has been an amazing, life altering week for me.  I have a strong feeling that I will soon master the skill of “Napping” because getting a solid 8 hours sleep will not been cards for a long time.  I cannot wait to gain more experience and become more relaxed as a parent. So far I think I am doing an OK job and with more experience I hope to get even better.

Great night of DDO!

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Well if that was the last free night I have to play an MMO before I have a little one to take care of I have no complaints. In slightly over 3 wild hours I managed to complete a run through of Delera’s, become the leader of the Guild Forever Ethereal, and scrape up almost enough experience to hit level 6.

When I first logged on I lucked out in finding a group that was looking for a healer to run the Delera’s quest chain.  One of my goals for the night was to run this quest and get the Voice of the Master trinket (Love the lore and 5% Xp bonus of this trinket!).  As it turned out we had to run the quest without a Rogue but still managed to clear all the chapters in about an hour!  You could tell everyone in this group were long time DDOer’s (except for me that is) because they really didn’t need my healing talents and just flew through the quests!  It was a great group of people and they didn’t mind that I happened to have only limited experience, which was nice.

The group broke up afterwards but a group mate named Sinfer gave me a guild invite and I accepted.  That’s when stuff got interesting since as soon as I accepted he promoted me to Leader and left the guild.  I brought up the guild menu to see how many people were actually in it and to my surprise it was just me! Needless to say next time I log on the Forever Ethereal guild might be no more but now at least I can say I have been a guild leader, lol.

With still about 90 minutes left to play before I had to log I brought up the LFG menu and joined a group planning to run the Recovering the Lost Tome quest in the harbor.  This group was a lot of fun to play with and had a good mix of experienced and new players.  It was great seeing how patent the group was helping out our Rogue who was experiencing the quest for the first time.  We had a great time running this quest from normal all the way to Elite for xp and favor.  After finishing off these quests we lost a few people but still decided to tackle Walking the Butchers path on Elite!  We had the fortune of getting a Sorcerer to join up and filled out our group with a Cleric hireling which came in handy.  The Butchers Path tested the group but even after a few deaths we managed to make it to the final exit and take out most of the optionals along the way.  I would like to give a shout out to Dirtybob, Reddhott, and Sinicalas for a great time running those Harbor quests and getting me 8k from hitting level 6!

All in all, I have to say it was one of my more enjoyable nights playing DDO.