New Class Unlocked: Parent Lv. 0

Skills acquired: Diaper Changing, Feeding, Napping, Burping, and General Wife Support.

On Tuesday my Wife and I were blessed with a beautiful baby girl!  In that instant I became a parent, a person with responsibilities and someone dependent on them. I have to admit it made me nervous!  Over the last few night I have been feeling out this Parenting role, and am starting to become more comfortable with it. The last couple of days have been really stressful for both me and my wife, but we are both starting get more relaxed and asking for help when we feel like we are over our heads.

My wife has been amazing!  I realized right off the top that she really has all the heavy lifting (from delivery to breastfeeding) and I am just here to give her all the support she need.  If that is making her some food to eat as she is feeding our little girl, to soothing the baby at any hour of the night to give her some well deserved sleep.  I also have to say that the Midwives that have been helping us have been invaluable! They are very knowledgeable and have a calming supportive manner about them.

All in all that has been an amazing, life altering week for me.  I have a strong feeling that I will soon master the skill of “Napping” because getting a solid 8 hours sleep will not been cards for a long time.  I cannot wait to gain more experience and become more relaxed as a parent. So far I think I am doing an OK job and with more experience I hope to get even better.


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