FFXIV CE Pre-order…. Check!

Well I finally managed to go out and Pre-order a copy of Final Fantasy XIV Collectors Edition.  I first tried to get it at Best Buy but for some reason they still did not have it in their system for in store pick up so I headed over to EB Games and put my money down.  While talking to the guys working there I found out an interesting fact that living in Canada all games need both a French and English instructions to be sold.  I guess Square-Enix has a history of forgetting this and having its shipments delayed at the border until they print off other instructions.  I have to admit that would be nasty if it happened with Final Fantasy XIV, and I am holding out hope it won’t happen here because I got my copy of FF XIII on release day. So from now until September 22 I am keeping my fingers crossed.

If you not sure what copy to of Final Fantasy XIV you want to purchase Ralus did a great write up over on FFXIVCore about the value of the Collectors Edition over just getting a regular copy.  I thought it was a good read and you should check it out Here.

Here to seeing you all online very soon!!


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