Transformers: War for Cybertron Impressions

I picked up Transformers for the PS3 when it was released a couple of weeks ago and have really enjoyed playing it. A few nights ago I managed to finish the solo player portion of the game. I think they did a good job bringing back the G1 transformers I remember from childhood. I found the story entertaining and like how they broke it up in to chapters (the first 5 Decepticon and the last 5 Autobot). As for game play it’s a pretty straight forward 3ed person shooter, you also get to choose at the beginning of each chapter one of three transformers to use. Overall the game controls are good and I love the ability to transform even if it was not really necessary for most of the game.

Transformers also boasts a large selection of online game play options. I have just started exploring this aspect of the game, and am enjoying playing team death match and escalation the most. Team Death match is the classic your group vs my group. You get to select between 4 classes of transformer to play, Scout (stealth), Leader (DPS?), Soldier (tank), and Scientist (medic). In escalation mode you and a of small group of players (2-4) take on wave after wave of baddies! For every foe you kill you get energon credits that you can use to by health, ammo, guns or enter into different areas. This mode was a lot of fun but I need to improve my overall game play before I can become a valued asset to a team.

Overall I am really enjoying this purchase and hope more people pick it up for some crazy online play.


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