A little Dreaming….

I am just sitting here relaxing watching Men in Black thinking how cool it would to create my Final Fantasy XIV character right now.  How amazing would it be for Square Enix to give everyone a chance to play around with their character creator and save it for future upload.

I for one would love the chance to check out all the different races before I made my final choice.  Unlike most games where you have a ton of Alts, Final Fantasy XIV with its ability to master everything with one character you need to like what your create right off the get go.  Being able to figure it out before you install and launch the game for the first time would be very sweet!  Other games have done stuff like this, if I am not mistaken you could create your Dragon Age character and upload it on the PC a month before launch.  Another example of something along this line was Spore releasing its monster creator before launch to give people time to create a catalog of enemies for their solar systems.

I know it will not happen but hey a man can dream…..


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