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Final Fantasy XIV, podcast and sites

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Wow how time flies!  It is amazing how fast a week goes by when you have a birthday and go back to work after a relaxing three weeks off.

Since I am still partly brain-dead from working 48 hours over the last week I really have no ideas currently going through my head. Since this is the case, I though with FFXIV coming out in a month I would post the sites and podcasts I use to keep up to date.

The main web sites I check almost daily are FFXIVCore, Eorzeapedia, and FFXIV Zam.  All three have lots of information and community driven content to help you pass the time until the game gets launched.  I  listen to two Final Fantasy XIV podcast but find them both very informative and entertaining.  The first is CrystalCore podcast that is linked with hosted by Brian and Danny.  The other is XIV, which is hosted by Gary and Kenzie and can be found at Gamebreaker.TV.

I hope you find this post useful 🙂

Enjoy, and see you online very soon!!


Final Fantasy IV for 10$…. SOLD!

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Well I got a little bit of an early birthday gift yesterday when I was doing a search of Final Fantasy on the Best Buy home page.  It turns out that they have reduced the price of Final Fantasy IV for the Nintendo DS from 40$ down to 10$!

This happens to be my favorite Final Fantasy title to date so I could not miss the chance to grab a copy. This game has my favorite Final Fantasy character and class in Kain the Dragoon (man I hope they make it an elite class in FFXIV).  I have only had it for a few days and have already spent about 7 hours lovingly getting re-addicted to it.  What a great way to end my vacation!

Shut Up. We’re Talking.

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I just wanted to give a quick shout out to Darren and Karen who put out a great podcast named “Shut Up. We’re Talking”.  This podcast focuses on a wide variety of current MMORPG topics and does a wonderful job of promoting little know or just started blogs.  I would like to thank Darren for his feedback concerning my blog and for making it his blog of the week for episode #68.

If you are interested in MMORPG’s head over to their site and have a listen to the most recent episode, I really think you will enjoy it.

ModNation Racers Weekend!

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I had plans to hang out with some friends Friday night and decided to rent a copy of ModNation Racers to enjoy some split screen fun.  We tend to get together ever couple of weeks to have a night of gaming.  Recently we have been playing  mostly one player games (Transformers: WFC, Final Fantasy XIII, and Just Cause 2) and I thought a change would be nice.

We put ModNation in, after the update and quick install we watched the first cut scene and jumped in to the first race.  After beating the first race you open up the actual game lobby where you select from a variety of different game options. There are so many things you can do in this game its crazy!  First off the three of us created avatars and karts to run our races with.  Then we jumped into the split screen racing section.  Over the next hour or 2 we worked our way through most of the UFG created tracks (provided on the disk).  We never downloaded any player created tracks but I can only imagine how beautiful some of them might be.

Once we had our fill of split screen racing we took on the career mode to experience the single player side of the game.  We managed to easily make our way through the first seven races without much difficulty.  The game does have a Mario Kart  kind of feel, with more of an adult edge that I really enjoyed.  My only real problem about the game is that the difficulty level takes a large spike at race 8 (the final race of the Mayham Tour).   I don’t mind the difficulty increasing over time.  However in this case we completed the first 7 races with little to no difficulty, finishing 1st or 2nd with just one run.  When it came to the championship race it took us thirteen attempts just to beat it, with our average finish being around 5th.  I found this jump in difficulty unexpected and very frustrating as it comes out of nowhere. Even with this complaint I really do think this is a game I might pick up in the future.  This game offers you a ton of content for players who like to race or create.  The creation stations in this game are simple to use but have a lot of options for advanced creators.

By the end of the night in about 4 hours we managed to pick up 8 Bronze trophies (11%) for my friends PSN account and had a wonderful time.  I look forward to checking out more of the online content in the next couple of days until I have to return the game on Thursday.  If you feel like seeing and ranking what I have created you can look up my creations by my PSN ID: CDN-Dragoon. Enjoy.

!!Level Up!! Parent Lv. 1

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Experience: 2 Months

Skill Advancements: Diaper Changing +15, Feeding +5, Napping +10,  and General Wife Support +25.

Bonus Skills: Time Management +10, Stress Level +5.

It has been a wonderful and crazy two months since our little one was born.  There have been lots of great times over the first few weeks that have made me smile, I even think her screaming is cute!  We have had the joy of watching her grow and start experiencing her new environment. She tends to sleep quite a bit during the day but when she is awake is just fun letting her grab you finger and watching all the little faces she makes.

Don’t get me wrong though, there have been many times that my wife’s and my patience have been push close to the limit.  On the down side we have had nights of little sleep, frustrating feeds, and crying for unknown reasons.  I know this comes with the territory so I really don’t see this as a bad thing just the fun of parenting.  The one thing that bothers me the most is her breathing at night.  Our little one has a tendency after sleeping a bit to make high pitched wheezing sounds.  We took her to the doctor this morning to get checked out and they said it was natural but I still think its kind of freaky and has kept me up a few nights checking her.

Besides my wife getting a little frustrated from time to time she has been amazing, she is a natural with our little one.  For some reason recently my little girl just wants to be with her Mom and tends to get fussy when I hold her (I hope she out grows this soon).

All in all I love being a parent and cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Final Fantasy XIV Beta Preview and Videos!!

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I was just checking out my Square-Enix membership account earlier today and joined the Final Fantasy XIV: Online group.  The first post I happen to check out had a link to a great YouTube site by RocsLock that has tones of amazing videos showing lots of beta footage of Final Fantasy XIV.  I have only checked out a few of the videos so far, but I look forward to viewing more of them soon!  Lets hope RocsLock’s keeps up the good work and puts out more videos for all us people unlucky enough not to get selected to Beta.

I also enjoyed reading the beta impressions of Michael Vreeland that were recently posted on  He posts some very nice screen shots and writes about his experience in many different areas of the game.  I look forward to seeing more of his impressions before I actually get my hands on the game in late September.

Bad Sign?

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First day of vacation and I set an ovenmit on fire. Not the best start….