Final Fantasy XIV Beta Preview and Videos!!

I was just checking out my Square-Enix membership account earlier today and joined the Final Fantasy XIV: Online group.  The first post I happen to check out had a link to a great YouTube site by RocsLock that has tones of amazing videos showing lots of beta footage of Final Fantasy XIV.  I have only checked out a few of the videos so far, but I look forward to viewing more of them soon!  Lets hope RocsLock’s keeps up the good work and puts out more videos for all us people unlucky enough not to get selected to Beta.

I also enjoyed reading the beta impressions of Michael Vreeland that were recently posted on  He posts some very nice screen shots and writes about his experience in many different areas of the game.  I look forward to seeing more of his impressions before I actually get my hands on the game in late September.


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