ModNation Racers Weekend!

I had plans to hang out with some friends Friday night and decided to rent a copy of ModNation Racers to enjoy some split screen fun.  We tend to get together ever couple of weeks to have a night of gaming.  Recently we have been playing  mostly one player games (Transformers: WFC, Final Fantasy XIII, and Just Cause 2) and I thought a change would be nice.

We put ModNation in, after the update and quick install we watched the first cut scene and jumped in to the first race.  After beating the first race you open up the actual game lobby where you select from a variety of different game options. There are so many things you can do in this game its crazy!  First off the three of us created avatars and karts to run our races with.  Then we jumped into the split screen racing section.  Over the next hour or 2 we worked our way through most of the UFG created tracks (provided on the disk).  We never downloaded any player created tracks but I can only imagine how beautiful some of them might be.

Once we had our fill of split screen racing we took on the career mode to experience the single player side of the game.  We managed to easily make our way through the first seven races without much difficulty.  The game does have a Mario Kart  kind of feel, with more of an adult edge that I really enjoyed.  My only real problem about the game is that the difficulty level takes a large spike at race 8 (the final race of the Mayham Tour).   I don’t mind the difficulty increasing over time.  However in this case we completed the first 7 races with little to no difficulty, finishing 1st or 2nd with just one run.  When it came to the championship race it took us thirteen attempts just to beat it, with our average finish being around 5th.  I found this jump in difficulty unexpected and very frustrating as it comes out of nowhere. Even with this complaint I really do think this is a game I might pick up in the future.  This game offers you a ton of content for players who like to race or create.  The creation stations in this game are simple to use but have a lot of options for advanced creators.

By the end of the night in about 4 hours we managed to pick up 8 Bronze trophies (11%) for my friends PSN account and had a wonderful time.  I look forward to checking out more of the online content in the next couple of days until I have to return the game on Thursday.  If you feel like seeing and ranking what I have created you can look up my creations by my PSN ID: CDN-Dragoon. Enjoy.


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