Final Fantasy XIV, podcast and sites

Wow how time flies!  It is amazing how fast a week goes by when you have a birthday and go back to work after a relaxing three weeks off.

Since I am still partly brain-dead from working 48 hours over the last week I really have no ideas currently going through my head. Since this is the case, I though with FFXIV coming out in a month I would post the sites and podcasts I use to keep up to date.

The main web sites I check almost daily are FFXIVCore, Eorzeapedia, and FFXIV Zam.  All three have lots of information and community driven content to help you pass the time until the game gets launched.  I  listen to two Final Fantasy XIV podcast but find them both very informative and entertaining.  The first is CrystalCore podcast that is linked with hosted by Brian and Danny.  The other is XIV, which is hosted by Gary and Kenzie and can be found at Gamebreaker.TV.

I hope you find this post useful 🙂

Enjoy, and see you online very soon!!


One Response to “Final Fantasy XIV, podcast and sites”

  1. Also, Eorzeapedia has a radio network of podcasts that I listen to on an almost daily basis.

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