FFXIV Open Beta… Yes Please!

Well it took me a few days but I managed to get myself an open beta code for Final Fantasy XIV!  To be honest the download was a pain, but once it was completed I had no problems getting into the game.  Since my plan at launch is to create a Miqo’te Lancer I had to make one for my first beta character, everyone say hello to Xanadu Palavvi of the Mysidia server.

So far I have only played for a few hours and its been a lot of fun.  Even on my older system the game still looks amazing with most of the visual setting set to low.  I have been mostly playing with a gamepad which I hear is currently the smoothest way to play.

I have played through the first story cut scene and thought it was a great way to get introduced to the game.  After that I did a little exploring and then headed out to the camp (I forget the name, sorry) to do my first guildleve.  The combat at the lower levels is slower than most of the MMO’s I have recently played, but I like it.  I can envision when I reach higher levels that this system will have lots of strategic advantages over quick twitch MMO’s.

Overall its been great finally getting to see the game in action.  Now just to spend a little time exploring and trying out the different classes before launch.  Hopefully see you all online soon!

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