Just my luck!

Well its just been one of those days.  I got up early and took care of my little girl while my wife had a shower and some time to herself.  After breakfast I drove our car to the shop and dropped it off because the engine light came on and I could faintly smell gas.  All in all the morning was actually going pretty good, the car needed only a little work (new gas line) and the day out side was beautiful.

After lunch my luck changed 🙂  We have been trying to find a humidifier for our room to help out daughter sleep easier and have yet to find one we like.  We went out to Toy’s R Us and grabbed a cute looking Duck humidifier for a nice price and brought it home.  Once we took it out of the box and set it up we notice a nice crack in the base of the unit above the fan, so back to the store we go!  The second one we brought home actually was in great shape and has been working wonderfully.

The second sign of my poor luck happened when bedtime came for our little girl. At that time she decided to get a little fussy on her Mom and me.  It took us a little while to get her to settle down and finally to sleep, this was mostly my wife work as our little lady does not take well to Daddy when she is tired.

Lastly, having to stay up for late to help my transition to work  nights I figured to get a good 4 or 5 hours playing Final Fantasy XIV Beta.  Everything happens in threes right, about 15 minutes after I log in I get the news flash that the servers are going down for scheduled maintenance, nice.

As days go it was not terrible, but luck seemed to have abandoned me after lunch.   So instead if chopping down trees with my Botanist and trying to do some carpentry, I am writing this blog and watching Constantine.  Not a bad trade-off, but I would still rather be gaming!


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