FFXIV: Understanding the Fatigue System

I happen to come across this video killing time while the servers were down for maintenance.  If you are looking for more information about the FFXIV fatigue system I though this video was a great way to explain how the system works.

I really like how it talks about how to improve your character by diversifying your skill set with other jobs.  I for one am thinking of leveling a few classes (Lancer, Conjurer, Botanist and Carpenter) so I have a feeling the Fatigue System will not be that big of concern for me. 

I understand how the system can seem harsh to some power gamers forcing them to change jobs.  It’s my belief to get the best skill combinations you have to use more than one job, so it’s in their best interest for character development to spend time with other jobs. 

But that is just how I think, if you have another opinion please let me know.  See you all online very soon!


One Response to “FFXIV: Understanding the Fatigue System”

  1. thesocratesofsnails Says:

    I wrote an article on this as http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/5840182/the_final_fantasy_14_fatigue_system.html?cat=19. I think this looks good on paper, on might even not be such a bad idea, but right now it’s just going to make Cataclysm or The Old Republic that much more of an attractive choice. And it’s way too soon after 13, which they know pissed the fans off. They’ve lost too much credibility to do this kind of experiment.

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