Hurry up and wait….

Well I got up this morning, had a good breakfast and headed out to EB Games to pick up my copy of Final Fantasy XIV CE Edition.  I brought the game straight home and started installing it and registering my copy of the game and put in the code to get my Onion Helm. Unfortunately here come the waiting part, after installing the game like all MMO’s we have to patch and update for all the changes.  I started patching and the client says I have only between 40 minutes and 8 hours to wait before I can log in.

I expected this so it’s not really that big of a surprise. In the mean time I plan to spend some time with my ladies and chatting with my LS Seraphim.  My only hope now is when my little one goes to bed tonight everything will be ready to go so I can start exploring Eorzea.

Edit: Well the patched only took about 90 minutes to update 🙂  See you all in game!


3 Responses to “Hurry up and wait….”

  1. Hope it’s good and hope it doesn’t have too many glitches >.<

    I hope that when the PS3 version is released next year everything will be perfect in the world of Eorzea. I'm knockin on wood.



  3. arthur1977 Says:

    @ Gil I hope the PS3 version is good on release because that is where I really want to play the game. My computer meets the minimum but that is about it.

    @ Victor Some goodness but a lot of my linkshell mates could not get on our server of Mysida 😦

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