A New World to Explore….

Well after all the hype and waiting Final Fantasy XIV finally launched for the people who bought the collector’s edition on Wednesday!  I personally picked up my collector’s edition from EB Games around 10:30am and quickly installed it once I got home.  I was very impressed that the patch downloads only took 90 minutes to complete (I feared the worst).

Once I logged in and created my character Xanadu Virtue, I lucked out by managing to get a spot on the Mysidia server (over the next couple of days this turned out to be hard to do).  I decided to start off as a Thaumaturge to try my hand at magic before I start leveling Lancer which is to be my main focus.  I started in Ul’Dah and really enjoyed the opening cinematic and the ‘Court of the Sands’ quest chain that introduces you to the game and city.  It actually gets you interested in the characters you are working with and trying to help out, which surprised me and was very addicting.

After getting my bearings in the city I decided to pick up a Weathered Hatchet (never too early to start harvesting) and grabbed some Guildleves and headed out to Camp Black Brush.  Over the next couple of hours I managed to finish all the guildleves I picked up and did some general exploring/harvesting in the wilds around the Ul’dah.  I really enjoy the combat system, it’s a little slower than some of the more recent MMO’s I have played but it gives you time to think and plan your actions.  I could see how this might put some people off but for me it’s a very nice aspect of the game.  The second thing I really like is the harvesting mechanic which is not just find a node and harvest but turns it into a mini game.

Overall during the first couple day I managed to spend about 10 and a half hours in game and had a great time.  It was a lot of fun hanging out with my Linkshell and just killing time talking while wandering this new and exciting world.  By the end of it all I had managed to level Botanist and Mining to 7, Thaumaturge to 5 and played around with Carpentry getting it up to level 4.

I appreciate the fact that my Wife was kind enough to let me spend so much time in game, I kind of had to binge just after launch since I work midnights all weekend long. I would like to thank everyone in Seraphim for making the first couple of days a blast.


2 Responses to “A New World to Explore….”

  1. Why are the bloggers on Mysidia?!

    GRRR… the guild I joined is established on Lindblum!

  2. arthur1977 Says:

    Who says bloggers are always right 🙂

    I hear there are some really good LinkShells on Lindblum. My LS just happened to like FFIV so we picked Mysidia, for some reason a few other large LS decided to switch over just before launch.

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