First Fantasy Hockey Draft of the Year!

Well it’s that time of year again.  The start of the hockey season is just around the corner!  I just did my first point fantasy hockey draft with some people from work.  There was a decent turn out of 22 people so we broke up into to groups.  I lucked out and pulled 4th to draft, and think my team turned out pretty well.

1. D. Sedin (VAN)

2. A. Kopitar (LA)

3. P. Datsyuk (DET)

4. M. Green (WAS)

5. M. Richards (PHI)

6. N. Antropov (ATL)

7. C. Giroux (PHI)

8. N. Zherdev (PHI)

9. T. Conolly (BUF)

10. M. Raymond (VAN)

I tried to stay away from a lot of risk but though taking the upside of Zherdev and Conolly were worth the risk very later in the draft. If you have the time let me know what you think, and good luck to everyone drafting in the next week.


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