Back in Erozea!

Well the last week was a little crazy and after bingeing on FFXIV the first couple days I was limited to just a couple short play sessions.  Last night I finally got some free time to jump in-game and play for about 5 hours straight.

With the help of a LS mate, Holy Dragoon, I decided to stray away from my home town of Ul’dah and explore the wilderness village of Gridania. It is a very stark difference between the desert around Ul’dah to the rich forest around Gridania.  I spent about 3 hours exploring and doing guild leves from Camp Emerald Moss working on improving my Thaumaturge skills.  It turns out that I might not have been high enough rank to complete some of these leves, I ended up dieing more than my fair share of times. 

After the night of gaming I managed to get my Thaumaturge rank up to 9 while getting the classic Final Fantasy spells of Gravity and Slow.  I think I am finally starting to get the hang of the profession now, but I still plan to start ranking up Lancer soon!  So far after 2 weeks of Final Fantasy XIV I have to say I am enjoying myself.  The only thing that I really need to do next is quite being so shy and group more to experience that side of the game.


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