Focus, you must have focus!

I find this especially true in Final Fantasy XIV with its amazing job system.  I have been playing FFXIV since early release on September 22 and have not managed to get a job above Rank 9!  If you take a look at my Lodestone profile, Xanadu Virtue, I have 4 different Jobs at rank 9, one at 8 and another at 5.  As you can see I lack focus, and this is a problem since I only have about 8 hours a week to play.

The plan going forward is to select a few different jobs and focus on them (one fighting, one harvesting, one crafting?).  As much as I like doing leves and exploring out of the Camps Drybone and Emerald Moss, I want to explore more of the world.  I love the fact that changing jobs is so easy but it also makes it very easy to get lost in all the choices.

Oh well, its always a good thing having lots to do in a MMO! 🙂



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