Crafters Corner FFXIV Style

I admit it, I am addicted to Final Fantasy XIV.  I think it’s a great game and the crafting system is one of the reasons.  If you just jump into the game and have no experience playing Square-Enix’s first MMO Final Fantasy XI you could get easily lost. I am nowhere near an expert when it come to crafting but I have enjoyed getting my Carpenter and Black Smith to rank 10 and now I am focusing on weaver (I figure it’s always nice to make your own armor).

If you are interested in crafting the first thing I suggest you do is read Lord Bladewind’s DoH (crafting) Guide that is posted on FFXIVCore. Secondly, you should get use to checking out sites like FFXIV Crafters and the Final Fantasy XIV database by Yellow Gremlin. These two site will be your best friend to research different recipes.

Well I cannot give you anymore crafting advice because I am still a novice myself. If you know of any sites that could help a fledgling crafter please post them in the comments.

See you online!


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