Final Fantasy XIV Impression

I have to admit I am not the most qualified person to be writing this since I have not logged in for about a week now.  It turns out real life is consuming a lot more of my time then I though it would.  Over the first month since launch I have spent a fair amount of time in-game and have enjoyed my time in Eorzea.

I think this game has a lot of good things going froward.  I really like the harvesting and crafting mechanics, they are a refreshing break from the simple click and wait for the bar to fill that are featured in a lot of MMO’s.  The job system allows you to customize you character in many various ways and create a class that is all your own.  Square-Enix did a wonderful job making a breathtaking environment for you to explore and interact with.  The music in FFXIV is second to none, this is the only the second MMO I have ever played with the music enabled (the other was Sword of the New World).  I have only experienced the first part of the story line but they have done a good job of making it interesting and engaging.

With all the good things this game offers there are some very noticeable issues holding this game back.  The most obvious issue is the lag you experience with people and NPC’s loading in to your world. The market wards still need a little tweaking to make it easier to search, I personally like the fact that they are trying to stay away from putting in an auction house.  Some of the other complaints they plan to work on in the next version updates are making the user interface more friendly and monster placement.

Overall this game has a lot of promise but it is currently lacking a little polish and fine tuning. After reading all the “Ask the Dev’s” posts that have been coming out on the Loadstone recently I believe that Square-Exin is listening to the community and is working diligently to make adjustments.  I hope people are willing to give this game a chance, even if it’s in a few months when more of the kinks are worked out.

As for me, unfortunately I just canceled my account this afternoon.  The reason for this has more to do with the amount of free time I have to play rather than the state of the game.  I realized that with my work schedule and 5 month old daughter taking up most of my time playing a MMO with a monthly subscription was not workable.  I plan on resubscribing to Final Fantasy XIV when things calm down in real life.  Until then I plan to spend some of my limited free time playing my PS3 (PSN: CDN-Dragoon), and casually working on my Warrior/Ranger in Guild Wars.

I wish everyone in Seraphim all the best and want to thank them for letting me join their amazing LinkShell.


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