Happy Halloween!!!

I hope everyone had a great Halloween full of Animals, Goblins and Jedi’s!  My wife and I had a whopping 5 kids turn up at the door Trick-or-Treating (our average over the three years we have lived here is about 8).  We did enjoy the day taking out little one in her cute pink Kitten costume to Great grandpa’s house to visit him and some other relatives that were in town for the weekend.  After that we had a nice bite to eat at Kelsey’s then off to the grandparents to show off our cutie again.

Now that its 10pm its time to relax and listen to some Limblifter or maybe the most recent GuildCast and play Guild Wars for the next couple of hours.  If you want to say hello before my gamer ADD kicks in my character is named King Arthur Vii, and I am still in Pre-searing (hoping to get out of their tonight).


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