Exploring Guild Wars

Who though kids would take up so much of your time.


Its been amazing watching my daughter over the last 5 months, but I have now come to realize how much of an impact she has on my free time.

I plan to keep blogging and playing video games just not at the pace I was use to before becoming a father.

That is also what made Tuesday so unique, I got to play Guild Wars for about 7 hours!  I logged on in the early afternoon and grouped up with a Rt/Mo named X Silent Ghost I, he was kind enough to run me through a couple of the early missions that I yet to try (starting at Fort Ranik and making it all the way to the Nolani Academy!).

Later on that night after my ladies went to bed I logged back on.  For the first few hours I just wandered around doing any quest I could get my hands on to unlock new skills and gain experience.  After I got my fill of questing I zoned to Ascalon City looking for a runner to take me to Loin’s Arch.  It took a little bit of time to actually find a runner but a nice fellow by the name of Ben Charles said he planned to do a run for 2K and I agreed to go (I luckily had 2039g on me!).  We had another player along for the ride with us and besides hitting a few snags we made it to LA in relatively one piece.

My main reason for wanting to make it to Lion’s Arch was to forge in to the Eye of the North expansion to acquire some Hero’s to help me in finishing my Prophecies campaign. I had a great time over the next hour and a half exploring the north and getting to my empty Hall of Monuments. Along the way to the HoM you get three Heroes to help you along on your adventure (Veek (E), Ogden (Mo) and Gwen (Me)), I did not play long enough to get a feel for them but I am looking forward to using them in my next play session.

It was a great night of gaming and I hope I have more like it in the future.  Until then I am more than happy to spend time with my little girl and log on for an hour here and there.


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