Are We Digital Dummies?

I happen to catch the title of tonight’s episode of CBC’s Doc Zone which was “Are We Digital Dummies” and it intrigued me. The hour-long show talked about how our technological environment is changing us and the way we inter react with the people around us.  It brought up a lot of interesting observations and questions about the benefits and drawbacks of being connected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Looking back just a few months its eye-opening how much time I actually spent watching TV, playing video games on my PC and PS3, or just fooling around on my iPod touch.  I really have to be thankful of the birth of my daughter to get my head out of the digital cloud and realize just how great it is simply playing music and not having a hundred things going on in the back ground.  My gaming time is down to about 6-8 hours a week, I watch a lot less TV, and because of that I am being more active and to top it off I have lost 5 pounds! I am not saying that I think computer and video games are a bad thing, I still love them but in moderation.

I think having access to the information highway is very beneficial, we just don’t know the extent of the changes it will have on our society.  I admit I still a digital junkie and I don’t plan to ever give that up but I do understand that you have to unplug and detox, you know, realize the world is made up of more than pixels and code.


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