Pre Order Two Worlds 2, but from where?

I have been looking for a new RPG to play while I wait for Dragon Age 2 to come out and I came across Two Worlds 2.  This game looks like it would fill the void nicely and it comes out right at the end of the holiday season (gives me time to work on Transformers: WFC plat, only 5 trophies to go).

My main question now is where to pre-order it from!  I am leaning heavily towards grabbing it at EB Games and getting the Luciendar Sword and the Labyrinth extra level, the other store that has bonus materials it Wal-Mart with the Dragon Scale Armor.  The armor sounds great and I liked the bonus armor in Dragon Age but how can you turn down an extra level.

My question to you is how do you decide where to pre-order?  Do you look for the best offer even though in the long run it usually does not matter, or do you just go to your favorite store?  Drop me a comment and let me know, I am interested in seeing if I am like everyone else and look for the best deal.



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